The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Skin.

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It's a fact that our skin is our bodies largest organ. How it appears can give us a clue to our overall health. Here are some vital signs of determining if you currently have healthy or unhealthy skin. 


Regardless of complexion an even complexion will be at it's healthiest. Blotchiness, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, or dark circles are great indicators that your skin needs some extra love and care. Freckles and birthmarks are natural (and perfectly beautiful), however abnormal discoloration can be a result unhealthy skin habits. Products like eye patches, toners, and creams can promote healthier skin. 


Pimples, enlarged pores, blackheads and pre-mature wrinkles etc, are also signs of unhealthy skin. When dirt, sweat, and other toxins enter the skin bacteria can form and cause your skin to react negatively. To combat that, use cleansers and exfoliants regularly. Monitor your pores and treating them periodically. Wrinkles may be natural with age, however pre-mature wrinkling can take affect with smoking and other unhealthy activities.



HYDRATION IS KEY! Our skin's hydration can be affected by the weather, clothing, and even dehydration. It's important that we drink enough water and regularly moisturize our skin to prevent dryness, itchiness, tightness or even burning. Be mindful of harmful products and opt for natural products whenever available. 



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  • Deysi on

    This is such a helpful article, my daughter lives in the north so with the winter her skin gets flaky. I will share this with her

  • Cecilia Harvard on

    I naturally have very dry skin and have yet to find a lotion or cream to help! It’s a good reminder to know to drink more water because I’m not very good at it lol.

  • Shar on

    Skincare is so important and something I need to work on. Thank you for the great info :)

  • Jasmine Hewitt on

    hydration is super important. most people dont drink enough water

  • Becca Wilson on

    I have been doing a lot to help with my skin lately. Coconut oil and charcoal have become my best friends for nourishment and detox.

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